Also Worked With

These other talented warriors, managers and referees have graced our ring

Legends &
Hall of Famers
Bushwhacker Luke (WWE Hall of Fame), Colin Delaney (WWE), Ernest "The Cat" Miller (WCW), Glacier (WCW Legend),
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (WWE Hall of Fame), HC Loc (ECW Legend), Jimmy Hart (WWE Hall of Fame), Jesse Neal (TNA), J-Rocc (FOH), Koko B. Ware (WWE Hall of Fame), Shaul Guerrero (NXT/WOW), Tatanka (WWE Legend),
The Honky Tonk Man (WWE Hall of Fame), "The Pope" Elijah Burke (ECW/TNA), The Sandman (ECW Legend)
Adam Bizare, Brian Emanon, Bruce Davis, Business, Chaz Hektic, Chris Cayden, Chris West, Cloudy, Corinne Mink,
Dan Joseph, Daniel Garcia, Daniel Nacci, Dave Waz, David Evens, Dewey Murray, Eddie McQueen, Elmo, Frank Nacci,
Jay Flyer, JC Perez, JD, Johnny Kadillac, Kevin Blackwood, L.J. Green, LaDiva, Megabyte Ronnie, Mikey Everynite, Nick Merick, P.J. Hanson, Primal Warpath, Psykita, Puf, Rob Cook, Robby Vegas, Salvatore Morocco, Steve Gage, T.S.K, Terry Kadillac, Titus Smith, Tommy Mandrake, Tyger Smith, Venomous, Victor Chase, Wes Adams, Young Bull, Vinnie Moon
Referees &
Other Talent
Ref. Bill, Ref. Jesse, Ref. Uncle Chris
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