Buffalo Invasion

October 15th, 2016
Match Results

1) Jay Flyier deated Rob Sweet.

2) Tag Team Championship Match: 25 to Life (JD and Elmo) defeated The Wet Bandits and Angel Down to become Nickel City Wrestling's first Tag Team Champions.

3) David Evans defeated T.J. Kartz.

4) Bruce Davis defeated Terry Kadillac. 

5) Venomous vs. Jesse Neal declared a no contest.

6) Da Latin Soldier defeated Psykita.

7) Tommy Mandrake defeated Johnny Kadillac and L.J. Green in a 3-way dance.

8) Deacon defeated Brian Emanon


9) MAIN EVENT! Tag Team Match: ShadoKat and Bushwhacker Luke Defeated Rob Cook & PJ Hanson

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