MAIN EVENT: 3 vs 3 Tag Match

Nickel City Wrestling vs. uWc

It's a match that has been building up for months now. It started back during April Mayhem when ShadoKat hit Tyger Smith (who was watching the show as a fan). 

Then during
Summer Slugfest, Da Latin Soldier (former member of The uWc and friend of Tyger Smith) came out only to help ShadoKat beat him a Northeast City Street Fight. 

After several other run-ins and beatdowns. Nickel City Wrestling (Represented by ShadoKat, Deacon, and Da Latin Soldier) fights The uWc (Represented by its founder Tyger Smith, new comer
Young Bull, and new member Ace Gervase).

Weeks before the match, the uWc jumped ShadoKat at his own home, leaving him injured, so instead of him in this match... Warpath took his place. 

In the end ShadoKat cost NCW the win due to his interference and use of a chain in the ring. The uWc got a victory over NCW due to a disqualification. 

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