Tag Team Tournament: First Round Match

The Arcade Heroes vs. The Old City Outlaws

The Tag Team Tournament continues with two other teams looking to pass the first round: The Arcade Heroes (Dan Macchio and T.J. Kartz) and The Old City Outlaws (Terry Kadillac and PJ Hanson). 

The Old City Outlaws have been looking to get their hands on the Tag Team belts for some time now; having on serval occassions just taking them after former tag team champions The Fallen had defended their titles. 

The Arcade Heroes are the team made up of relative new comer Dan Macchio and the video game expert T.J. Kartz. They have had matches against each other before, but as Macchio has claimed their last match was "... a test, and T.J. has passed it.".

It seems like this mix of martial arts, retro gaming, and all things 80s is a winning combination because they advanced in the NCW Tag Team Tournament. 

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