December 29th, 2018
Match Results

1) The Arcade Heroes (Dan Macchio and T.J. Kartz) vs. The Unbookables (Dave Waz and Steve Gage) ended in a NO CONTEST when the Rent Collection Agency decided to run in and lay out both tag teams.

2) The Trio of Anthony Musso, Dakoda Orion, and "Downtown" Kenny Brown defeated The Rent Collection Agency (Mikey Everynite, Landlord, and The Business).

3) Primal Warpath defeated Dave Tracey.

4) Nasty Nick Nice defeated Lucain Caiker.

5) HC Loc defeated Tyger Smith.

6) The Fallen (ShadoKat and Deacon) defeated the uWc (Age Gervase and Young Bull).

7) Silver Linings Championship Match: Vinnie Moon (c) defended his title in a 4 man scramble match against Bud Goode, JC Prez, and "Megabyte" Ronnie. 

8) "Kaiju" Chris West defeated Nick Marek. 

MAIN EVENT! NCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Da Latin Soldier (c) defeated Sebastian Braun to retain his title of NCW Heavyweight Champion.

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