Summer Slugfest

June 14th, 2019
Match Results

1) Dave Tracy defeated Primal Warpath.

2) The Fallen (ShadoKat and Deacon) defeated The Rent Collection Agency (Mikey Everynite and The Landlord) to become the #1 contenders for the NCW Tag Team Titles.

3) "Downtown" Kenny Brown defeated "Kaiju" Chris West.

4) Tag Team Championship Match: The Nacci Mafia defeated Queen City Kings (Anthony Muso and Dakota Orion) (c) to become the new NCW Tag Team Champions. 

5) The Business defeated Mad Dawg Xavier Jones in a hardcore match. 

6) Young Bull defeated Ace Gervase

7) Silver Linings Championship Match: Vinnie Moon defeated Megabyte Ronnie (c) to become the new Silver Linings Champion. 

8) Masha Slmovich defeated Megan Myers to become the #1 contender for the NCW Women's Championship. 

MAIN EVENT! NCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Da Latin Soldier (c) defeated Slade. After Mikey Everynite cashed in a contract he got with a clause gining him a title match of his choosing. Mikey defeated Da Latin solider and became the new NCW Heavyweight Champion. 

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