Frost Fight

February 18th, 2017
Match Results

1) T.J. Kartz vs. Nasty Nick Nice ended in a no contest after Tommy Mandrake and Bruce Davis interfered.

2) Fatal Four Way: Bruce Davis defeated T.J. Kartz, Tommy Mandrake, and Nasty Nick Nice.

3) Mikey Everynite defeated Daniel Garcia.

4) Rob Sweet defeated Dewey Murray. 

5) Loser Leaves NCW Match: Venomous defeated Jay Flyier

6) Tag Team Championship Match: Angel Down vs. 25 to Life (c) (JD and Elmo) ended in no contest after interference by The Old City Outlaws.

7) Cyclone Jones defeated Dan Joseph and Salvatore Morocco in a 3-way dance. 

8) MAIN EVENT! NCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Da Latin Soldier (c) defeated "Kaiju" Chris West and David Evans in a 3-way dance.

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