Rising Dawn

August 25th, 2018
Match Results

1) Tag Team Tournament Round 1 Match: Mikey Everynite, Dave Tracy, & The Landlord defeated The Business, Anthony Musso, & Dakota Orion to advance in the Tag Team Tournament. 

2) Tag Team Tournament Round 1 Match: Arcade Heroes (Dan Macchio & T.J. Kartz) defeated Old City Outlaws (Terry Kadillac & P.J Hanson) to advance in the Tag Team Tournament.

3) Silver Linings Champion #1 Contender Match: Lucain Caiker defeated Nasty Nick Nice & Ace Gervase in a 3-way dance. 

4) Tag Team Tournament Round 1 Match: The uWc (Tyger Smith & Titus Smith) defeated the Lost Boys (Adam Bizare and Victor Chase) to advance in the Tag Team Tournament. 

5) Corinne Mink defeated Eddie McQueen. 

6) Tag Team Tournament Round 2 Match: Arcade Heroes defeated The uWc to advance in the Tag Team Tournament. 

7) WWE Legend Tatanka defeated Nick Marek.

8) MAIN EVENT! NCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Da Latin Soldier defeated "Kaiju" Chris West (c) & Deacon in a 3-way dance to become the new NCW Heavyweight Champion. 

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