MAIN EVENT: Northeast City Street Fight

ShadoKat vs. Tyger Smith

The match has been coming for some time.

During the last show, April Mayhem, while ShadoKat and Deacon (Tag Team Champions at the time) were battling The Nightbreed two big things happened:

1) ShadoKat hit a fan who turned out to be his trainer, Tyger Smith.

2) Matt Amato ran out and knocked ShadoKat off the top rope; causing them the match. 

Matt Amato said he did it because, although he has the title of General Manager he wanted full control of Nickel City Wrestling; something he shared with original GM ShadoKat. 

The two agreed that a match would settle who controls NCW. It would be ShadoKat vs. whoever Matt Amato can get to agree to be his fighter. Tyger Smith agreed.

So here we are. It's ShadoKat and Tyger Smith fighting for the future of NCW in a Northeast City Street Fight.

Tyger Smith came out with long time uWc member and his brother Titus Smith.

During the match ShadoKat hit another fan who ended up crossing the barrier and started hitting him. That caused Deacon to come running out and take out the fan. Of course Titus would jump in too. 

He even brought out Da Latin Soldier, another noted member of the uWc, but Soldier would remove his uWc shirt and showed he is loyal to the company and on the side of ShadoKat. He super-kicked Tyger Smith and placed a knocked out ShadoKat over him for the pin. 

To add more to this, ShadoKat said he had a backup plan. Soldier was not it. It was EWC legend The Sandman, who came out and gave Tyger Smith, Titus Smith, and the fan a taste of the Singapore Cain.

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